Brian is in the airplane with a pilot who in unconscious from a heart attack?  What do you think is going to happen next in the novel?

Among Prediction

Do you think Luke will go to the rally with Jen?  Why or Why not? Also, do you believe Luke’s dad will grow food indoors and sell it for family income?

2017-2018 is Going to Be a Fantastic Year!

Welcome Everyone!

Grade 6 is an exciting year: Leadership Team, Grade 6 Camp and Mock Rock are just three of the things students look forward to the most.

This blog will be one of the tools used to communicate classroom events and showcase our progress throughout the school year.  You can find our website by typing mrrankin.edublogs.org in the address bar in your internet browser or by searching for the link on our school website (Staff – Mr. Rankin’s Homepage).

Aside from my blog site, each student will also have their own blog site.  The student blog sites will also house e-portfolio artifacts.  Their blog pages will be directly linked to my blog site and contain strict privacy settings.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at derek.rankin@wolfcreek.ab.ca or (403)-782-7410.
Mr. Rankin
I am looking forward to a great year!
Click below to enjoy a short video showcasing grade 6 in Mr. Rankin’s Class…

Among Prediction

Luke’s family has to sell the hogs.  The hogs are their main source of income.  Predict what you think the family will do in order to recover this income.  In other words, how is the family going to get more money?

Golden Stick Floor Hockey Champs Crowned

Four strong floor hockey teams were vying to get their names engraved on the Golden Stick; to do so they had to win the class floor hockey championship.  In the end, the champs were Brailee’s Blue Jays.  They defeated Kyron’s King Kobras in a tight two game total point match up.  On the B side Joryn’s Jaguars defeated Dylan’s Dinosaurs.  Excellent skill, team work and sportsmanship was on display all tournament long.  Great job, Red Hot Peppers!

Golden Stick


Red Hot Chili Peppers Go Skating

Recently, Rankin’s Red Hot Chili Peppers went skating at the Lacombe Arena.  We had a lot of fun.  About half of the class chose to free skate.  The other half broke into two teams and played a fun, competitive game of hockey.  The winning team, for the best of three series, was able to sign their names to the Hockey Stick Trophy that hangs in our classroom.  In the end, each team won one game and the third game was very close.  Please enjoy our Skating Slideshow below.

50 Marbles!

….which means a party for Rankin’s Red Hot Chili Peppers.   Today was a milestone day.  The 25 students have had an impressive start to the school year and have earned their 50th marble in our Marble Drop Challenge.  Every time they get 50 marbles in the container they earn a class party.  The short video clip below demonstrates their excitement with the ceremonial 50th marble being released into the container.  WELL DONE #RRHCP!