2019-2020 is Going to Be a Fantastic Year!

Welcome Everyone!

Grade 6 is an exciting year: Leadership Team, Grade 6 Camp and Mock Rock are just three of the things students look forward to the most.

This blog will be one of the tools used to communicate classroom events and showcase our progress throughout the school year.  You can find our website by typing mrrankin.edublogs.org in the address bar in your internet browser or by searching for the link on our school website (Teacher Pages – Mr. Rankin’s Homepage).

Please sign up for our REMIND class text messages.  Email me if you need the class code to sign-up for our class REMIND.

Also, daily picture updates will be loaded to our classroom INSTAGRAM account.  This is a private classroom account and a good way to check out some of the great things happening in our classroom .  Send a follow request to mrrankinb100.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at derek.rankin@wolfcreek.ab.ca or (403)-782-7410.
Mr. Rankin
I am looking forward to a great year!
Click below to enjoy a short video showcasing grade 6 in Mr. Rankin’s Class…

The Rally

Jen Talbot is really trying to convince Luke Garner to go to the rally with her.  It would mean getting in a car with her and travelling 8 hours.  Do you think Luke will go?  Why or why not?

Among the Hidden

The Garner family just found out they have to sell the hogs.  The government is making them get rid of them because of the new houses going in behind their farm.  The family is now really worried about having enough money for their family.  How do you think the Garner family will make extra income now that they can’t rely on the pigs?

Hatchet Thought

Brian has found food in the form of berries.  With the lake being so close by, he also has water to drink.  Make a prediction about these two questions.  1.  How will Brian get fire?  2.  What other food will Brian be able to get for himself?


Brian is in the airplane with a pilot who in unconscious from a heart attack?  What do you think is going to happen next in the novel?

Among Prediction

Do you think Luke will go to the rally with Jen?  Why or Why not? Also, do you believe Luke’s dad will grow food indoors and sell it for family income?